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CKEditor Advanced Content Filter not working

Mafalda Correa Dynamicweb Employee
Mafalda Correa


I've been trying to tweak around with CKEditor to do some different things like stripping down font-family from when the user copy pastes into the editor.

According to their documentation, the Advanced Content filter in automatic mode should strip down any style that isn't available in the UI. 

' By default it is enabled and works in automatic mode, which means that CKEditor will only accept content that was defined as allowed by enabled CKEditor features (such as plugins or buttons).' -

So I tried to remove the font plugin with 

    config.removePlugins = 'font';

And it worked to remove the font dropdown from the UI, but the font-family is still not being filtered out as it should.

I also tried achieving the same thing by using disallowedContent as:

config.disallowedContent = 'span{font,font-size,font-family}';
But that also didn't change anything. It seems to be like the Advanced Content Filter is being disabled somewhere or just simply not working in DW.
Any ideas?
Thank you
Here's the full code I'm using:
CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function(config) {
// Define changes to default configuration here.
// For the complete reference:
// The toolbar groups arrangement, optimized for two toolbar rows.
config.toolbarGroups = [ {
name: 'styles'
}, {
name: 'basicstyles',
groups: [ 'basicstyles', 'cleanup' ]
}, {
name: 'paragraph',
groups: [ 'list', 'indent', 'blocks', 'align' ]
}, {
name: 'clipboard',
groups: [
'clipboard', 'undo'
}, {
name: 'links'
}, {
name: 'insert'
}, {
name: 'tools'
}, {
name: 'document',
groups: [ 'mode', 'document', 'doctools' ]
} ];
// Remove some buttons, provided by the standard plugins, which we don't need to have in the Standard(s) toolbar.
config.removeButtons = 'Strike,Underline,Subscript,Superscript,Indent,Outdent,Styles,NewPage,Save';
    config.removePlugins = 'font';
    config.disallowedContent = 'span{font,font-size,font-family}';
config.stylesSet = [];
config.filebrowserBrowseUrl = '/Admin/Editor/ckeditor/browser.aspx?type=link';
config.filebrowserImageBrowseUrl = '/Admin/Editor/ckeditor/browser.aspx?type=image';
config.wordcount = {
    countHTML: false,           // Whether or not to include Html chars in the Char Count
    maxWordCount: -1,           // Maximum allowed Word Count, -1 is default for unlimited
    maxCharCount: -1,           // Maximum allowed Char Count, -1 is default for unlimited
    showCharCount: false,        // Whether or not you want to show the Char Count
    showWordCount: false,       // Whether or not you want to show the Word Count
    showParagraphs: false,      // Whether or not you want to show the Paragraphs Count
    countSpacesAsChars: false,   // Whether or not you want to count Spaces as Chars


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Mafalda

No idea. You are aware that we have added Tinymce editor as an alternative? It is much newer and might be easier to work as you require.



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