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Best practice for regional websites

Kevin O'Driscoll

Hi any advice or experiences in this area?

We have developed a substantial DW platform with 10 Ecom sites in language versions. These are all clones from the main global (en-us) site and each have been translated and unique content added by each country administrator.
The client now wants to add a site for Switzerland which will be in 2 languages Swiss French and Swiss German (so I guess 2 sites for Switzerland). These language versions will be a copy of the German site and a copy of the French site (not clones of the global).

Down the road the client wants to do the same for Belgium (Belgian-French and Walloon regions).
Can anyone see any problem if we head down this route? Would copying a Cloned site become a bad idea in the DW system?
Any advice would be welcome.

This is also related to my earlier forum post:
As this will help with Swiss administrators' content translation. There will be no need for content export and re-import for translation as it can be translated within DW and published when complete.

Version is DW v9.7.7

Thanks very much




Nuno Aguiar Dynamicweb Employee
Nuno Aguiar

Hi Kevin,


Why would you not continue with clones? The main "problem" you'll have if you stop cloning the global is that you now have true copies and it's branching independently. For example, for every new page in the main global (es-us), you'll also have to create one for the the main Swiss site

You can't even use the language selector to switch between all language versions, so for admin users with access to all languages it will feel odd and harder to find relationships with the data.

Not to mention that if you have language selection in the frontend, allowing the user to switch languages while staying on the same page (or automatically linking to a different language version of the page), that will be lost and links will have to be done manually.


Now that said, there are also challenges with keeping everything under 1 global language, but my guess is that if you're up to 10, you've come across them all. 


I understand the goal to make the content translator life easier, but I believe that's a lesser issue than switching your architecture, but that's my 2 cents.


Nuno Aguiar

Kevin O'Driscoll

A very valuable two cents Nuno. Thanks for the insight.




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