Dynamicweb 9.0

Release date: 30th of August 2016

Dynamicweb 9 is the biggest release in many years, maybe only passed by the 2005 version when we switched from ASP to .NET, so this release is a big overhaul of our offering containing these things.

To upgrade from Dynamcweb 8 to Dynamicweb 9 your current Dynamicweb version should be or later. If it isn't, upgrade to the  in the standard manner before proceeding.

Read more in "Upgrading to Dynamicweb 9" and check the bug fixes list before upgrade.


  • A brand new user interface
  • The new accordion menu takes up less space and is easier to navigate without scrolling.
  • Secondary features have been removed or stored in submenus
  • Switch between areas like Content and Files without saving or losing your work
  • Use one-click upload for selecting images in Files
  • Minimize the ribbon to obtain more workspace
  • New product details page in order to handle all your product details in one place
  • New order details page 



  • Getting ready for future Microsoft technology
  • Refactoring into packages
  • Updating underlying dependencies
  • Introduce new core APIs
  • Refactor for services and mocking

Packages (beta)

  • A new flexible way to distribute Dynamicweb
  • Easier deployment using packages
  • Based on NuGet and MyGet
  • Integrates with Visual Studio
  • Package based deployments
  • Download and install new apps when released
  • No need to do a full update of Dynamicweb
  • Uninstall apps and features that is not needed


  • Important performance improvements


  • Completely re-written documentation
  • All the information you need gathered in one place
  • Article based approach
  • New and improved layout for a better overview
  • All template tags and loops documented for both Razor and HTML