Dynamicweb 8.8

Release date: 26th January 2016

A service release, Dynamicweb 8.8 offers an optimized Ecommerce using the Raptor recommendation engine, further payment method support for recurring orders and saved cards, as well as new minor featuresback-in-stock notifications and full customer impersonation.

Finally, more than 40 customer-bugs have been fixed.

Check the 8.8 Important notes and the bug fixes list before upgrade.


  • Dynamicweb 8.8 features a beta reimplementation of product recommendations, using the full power of the Raptor recommendation engine, allowing you to deliver relevant offers and content to your customers regardless of touchpoints and with an optimized performance.
  • With Back-in-stock notifications, you can improve the shopping experience of your customers by automatically notifying interested buyers when a product is back in stock.
  • The Recurring Orders and Saved Cards features are now supported by the DIBS and QuickPay Payment Window checkout handlers.
  • On the UX side of things, administrators can now hide or disable unused or critical product fields for regular users,
  • The Customer Center module can now list orders based on customer number, allowing several users working for the same company to keep track of who ordered what.
  • Also featuring: Custom fields for variant options, sort indexing results based on Lucene score, and improvements to the product selector when selecting variants with the same name.


  • Full impersonation has been introduced, meaning that the impersonator is no longer limited to placing order on behalf of the impersonated user – but has full access to e.g. restricted content like assortments, forum accounts and the customer center.
  • HTML support has been introduced in Forms for Editors, allowing you to e.g. use HTML5-specific input controls validate data such as emails or addresses.


  • The lightning fast New Indexing engine can now be used instead of smart search when selecting email recipients in Email Marketing, allowing you to reduce system load time when conducting system-heavy queries.

Feature list

Filter direct paths by language

Direct Paths

Implemented a drop down menu in direct paths that will let the user filter the list by website.

Add a counter to direct paths

Direct Paths

A counter has been added to direct paths to monitor their use.

implement "Real" impersonation


We have implemented full integration for impersonation, where the currently logged in user is replaced by the impersonated user, so that everything works as it would if the impersonated user logs in directly. This means assortments, posts to forums, etc.

HTML 5 controls for forms for editors

Forms for editors

HTML5 control field types are now available in Forms for Editors. To create one you need to create a field of a simple type (e.g text), edit the field and change type to a HTML5 control

Form submits should record accessuserid on the submit row.

Forms for editors

User name has been added to form submit data in Forms for Editors.

Item List field is depricated (Item relation list is extended instead)


Item lists are deprecated in DW88. Created Item list fields are still available but it is not possible to create new fields of type "Item list". You need to use fields of type "Item relation list" instead. In the parameters for "Item relation list" field you are eble to select "Inline" in order to get the same functionality as the deprecated item list field.

Pages in folders do not count against license page limit


Items/pages in folders do not count against the license max page count. Please note that you need at least one page left in your license to create items/pages in folders

Item list support in Search Weighted

Search weighted

New settings in Search weighted module: "Seach in Item lists". When this is enabled published item lists are searchable

Make it possible to recover passwords on multiple fields using OR

User Management

It's now possible recover extranet password based on multiple user fields using "match any field". Previously it was "match all fields"

Add Name to DWExtranetSecondaryUsers loop

User Management

Name tag has been added to DWExtranetSecondaryUsers loop

Use customer number to list orders and not userid

Ecommerce - Customer Center

New setting in Customer Center module: "Use customer number in order list in Customer Center". When enable the module will show orders / quotes belonging to the customer number of current extranet user instead of using user id. This allows several extranet users to share a customer number

Extend log in recurring log

Ecommerce - Orders\Recurring orders

The recurring orders log has been extended to contain order events/errors - known from the general order log.

Make it possible to select specific variants when adding a Parts list product consisting of Products with variants to the cart

Ecommerce - Parts Lists

When adding Parts lists to the cart it is now be possible to specify which of the variants I want (example could be an outfit consisting of Red T-shirt, Black Jeans)

New transaction URLs (after June 2016 all transaction URLs will connect to Authorize.Net through Akamai)

Ecommerce - Payment\Authorize.Net

Updated AuthorizeNet in order support a new networking solution that will provide merchants with a superior level of processing reliability. New transaction urls are added to the payment provider. Authorize.Net will be upgrading access to the Internet connections that serve their data centers. Instead of allowing direct connections, all Internet traffic will be routed through Akamai, a third-party cloud network service that routes and delivers Internet traffic. Planned to be lanuched in June 2016. Using Akamai network technology will help decrease latency and improve the reliability of our payment gateway. It will also help safeguard against interruptions caused by issues beyond Authorize.Net's direct control, such as Internet congestion, fiber cable cuts and other similar issues. Note: If you do not use a firewall or do not connect directly via an IP address, then you can disregard this section. Using Akamai technology, Authorize.Net's IP addresses will become dynamic rather than static. If your website or payment solution uses a firewall that has whitelisted Authorize.Net's IP address or connects to Authorize.Net directly via an IP address, you will need to make additional changes. Firewall Considerations — If your solution uses a firewall to filter outbound connections, make sure that the firewall is set to permit outbound traffic to flow to the Akamai cloud by configuring your outbound firewall to "ANY." If you do not update your firewall ahead of June 2016, you will be unable to process transactions after Phase Two is implemented. IP Address Considerations — If your solution connects to Authorize.Net directly via an IP address, you will need to update it to connect by domain name. Continuing to connect directly via an IP address is strongly discouraged as merchants will not receive the benefits of routing through Akamai, and could suffer a loss of service if transactions are re-routed among our various data centers.

Capture only part of order / Split capture

Ecommerce - Payment\Authorize.Net

Authorize.NET now allows split capture, but with the limitation that the split capture can only be performed ONE time - then the capture is closed. It's a limitation from the provider.

Saved cards and Recurring Order with DIBS Payment Window

Ecommerce - Payment\DIBS

DIBS Payment Window now supports Saved Cards and Recurring Orders.

Timeout parameter to ePay window

Ecommerce - Payment\ePay

Added the timeout parameter to the checkout handler configs.

Saved cards and Recurring Order with QuickPay Payment Window

Ecommerce - Payment\Quickpay

QuickPay Payment Window now supports Saved Cards and Recurring Orders.

Remove Paii as card type from QuickPay Payment Window

Ecommerce - Payment\QuickPay Payment Window

Paii is closed down and not supported as card type from QuickPay Payment Window from January the 28th. It is rempved from the card type list in QuickPay Payment Window settings.

Capture only part of order / Split capture

Ecommerce - Payment\Stripe

Stripe now allows split capture, but with the limitation that the split capture can only be performed ONE time - then the capture is closed. It's a limitation from the provider.

Locked and Read only fields on products

Ecommerce - Product Catalog

Read only and Hidden fields implemented in Ecommerce. Fields marked in this way are only writeable / readable by partner administrators.

Add product number to the Product selector if option is set.

Ecommerce - Product Catalog

Product Number has been added to all selectors and lists when the option is chosen in the Management Center.

Ecom:Product.Canonical template tag for products that either has it explicit set of if settings and context renders a canonical.

Ecommerce - Templates

New tag added: Ecom:Product.Canonical For products that either have it explicitely set of if settings and context renders a canonical

Tags for Track & Trace schema parameters

Ecommerce - Track and trace

New loop: "TrackTraceParameters" containing tags: "Ecom:Order.TrackTraceParameter.Name" "Ecom:Order.TrackTraceParameter.Description" "Ecom:Order.TrackTraceParameter.DefaultValue" "Ecom:Order.TrackTraceParameter.Value" Available in same scope as existing track and trace tags (Ecom:Order.TrackTraceURL, Ecom:Order.TrackTraceNumber)

Custom fields for variant options

Ecommerce - Variants

We have implemented the ability to specify custom fields for variant options pr. variant group.

Add Ecom:VariantStockCombination.ReservedAmount and Ecom:VariantStockCombination.AvailableAmount tags to Ecom:VariantStockCombination loop

Ecommerce - Variants

Ecom:VariantStockCombination.ReservedAmount and Ecom:VariantStockCombination.AvailableAmount are now available in the VariantStockCombinations loop. Used when "Minutes the products in cart are reserved" are enabled in the Management Center.

DynamicwebIntegration: add "update only" setting, similar to EcomProvider

Integration - Data Integration

New setting for Dynamicweb provider as destination "Only update existing records". Functionality is the same as in ecom provider

UserProvider: add support for importing data to AccessUserSecondaryRelation table.

Integration - Data Integration

Data Integration User Provider now support user impersonation (AccessUserSecondaryRelationship)

Back on stock notification emails

Online Marketing - E-mail Marketing

Back in stock notification emails implemented allowing your customers to sign up for out of stock products and recieve mails when they are back in stock.

Enable email marketing to use the new repository to select email recipients

Online Marketing - E-mail Marketing

When selecting email marketing recipients you can now choose a user query from New Indexing as email recipients.

Support for Access database is being phased out

Platform - Access (db)

Support for Access database is being phased out. We strongly recommend upgrading to SQL before upgrading to Dynamicweb 8.8.

Stock level provider

Platform - API (eCom)

A Stock level provider has been added

Setting parameter values and sorting field on ecommerce paragraph when using the indexing.

Platform - New Indexing

It is now possible to override the default values of the parameters and the sort field and order on a product catalog using New Indexing.

Add Score as a sort option

Platform - New Indexing

It is now possible to sort results from the New Indexing based on the Lucene score.

Performance improvements for user picker

Platform - Performance

Paged requests has made the user picker much faster on solutions with many users.