Dynamicweb 8.8.1

Release date: 26th of April 2016

As a service release, Dynamicweb 8.8.1 offers a new shipping provider as well as various minor enhancements to existing functionality. 

Additionally, more than 25 customer-bugs have been fixed in this release.

Check the 8.8.1 Important notes and the bug fixes list before upgrade.


  • Previous orders tied to an email are now transferred to new users when they create a profile using that email.
  • Post Danmark (Unifaun) shipping provider with pickup points included.


  • Users can now be found by searching for Customer Number and External ID, to make life easier for solutions with user integration. 
  • CK Editor now supports inserting code snippets with language-particular highlighting
  • Dynamicweb also 8.8.1 features several usability improvements when working with items:
    • Named item lists can now contain an unlimited number of items, as the limit on rows has been lifted – and paging through the list is now possible.
    • The link to item item-field now allows you to select paragraphs by name rather than ID.
    • HTML5 input fields can now be selected in the Item Creator send form settings.


  • The Back-In-Stock provider can now handle unsubscribe


  • In New Indexing, the final index is no longer rebuilt if the previous indexes have failed to build. This ensures that there is always a running index. 
  • DW9 Upgrade Check node added to management center. Here you can check what problems need to be solved before the solution can be upgraded to the upcoming Dynamicweb 9.0!

Feature list

Add code snippet pluggin for CKEditor


Code Snippet Plugin implemented for the CKEditor. This plugin lets you insert rich code snippets with syntax highlighting into the editor.

Dropdown list option values loaded from external source are not submitted

Forms for editors

Dynamic values loaded by ajax for a select-element with "forms for editors" are now properly submitted.

HTML5 fields should be used in 'Use Item Field' settings in Item Creator send form

Item Creator

Item Creat0r module can now use HTML5 input type item fields in receipt / submit mails

Remove limitation on row quantity and add paging in named item list


You can now have more than 100 items in a named item list

Show paragraph name in link fields when a paragraph is selected.


Link selectors in paragraphs now show the paragraph name

Add previous orders to a users list when signing up on create profile

User Management

When signing up a user all previous orders made with the same email is added to aforementioned user.

Search by Customer Number and External ID in User Management

User Management

User management all users search now also searches the ExternalId field for solutions with ERP integration

Add tag for number of orders to rendering of RMA

Ecommerce - Customer Center

New tags: OrderCount RecurringOrdersCount available when rendering RMA

Do not rebuild all indexes if builds fails

Ecommerce - Indexing

No longer rebuilding the last index instance if all other instances failed.

Order logging: Show more logging

Ecommerce - Orders

25 lines showing in order logs in order to get a better overview of the order detail.

Order Exception log: Include OrderNumber in filename

Ecommerce - Orders

Order number now included when logging an order exception.

Product backend search doesn't affect product variant fields

Ecommerce - Product Catalog

Backend search now looks into variant specific fields.

Add discount id as template tag in productdiscounts loop on product detail

Ecommerce - Sales Discounts

New tag added to discounts loop: Ecom:Product.Discount.ID

Unifaun shipping provider with pickup points

Ecommerce - Shipping\Post Danmark

New shipping method: unifaun online (Unifaun is the developers of Pacsoft). You are able to create shipping documents which are transferred to Unifaun where you are able to manage the shippings and print labels - similar to Pacsoft. With Unifaun you have extended posibilities, e.g. to use multiple addons at the same time, e.g. use pickup points together with SMS and email notification for the same order, select different distributions services for the parcel shops, e.g. Bring and GLS.

Stock locations loop doesn't follow sorting

Ecommerce - Templates

Output of stock locations loop now follows sorting on product

Data Integration: trying to import an empty xml file shouldn't result in an error, only in a line in the logfile.

Integration - Data Integration

Running an integration job with an empty input xml now just stops the job instead of erroring out

Make Back in stock notification recipient provider handle unsubscribe

Online Marketing - E-mail Marketing

The Back in Stock notification provider now lets you unsibscribe from back in stock emails.

Introduce DW9 Upgrade readiness node in management center

Platform - Platform

A new node has been added to the Management center with info about the solutions readiness for upgrade to the upcomming Dynamicweb 9.

Support for Access database is being phased out

Platform - Access (db)

Support for Access database is being phased out. We strongly recommend upgrading to SQL before upgrading to Dynamicweb 8.8.1.

Remove InfoDirekt templates from DefaultEmpty

Platform - DefaultEmptyData

InfoDirekt service templates have been removed for new solutions as the feature has been deprecated