Dynamicweb uses PRTG to monitories your hosting platform – we have a bunch of sensors running on each server to stay ahead of any IT infrastructure issues, we are monitoring all systems, probes, devices, and traffic

Default server monitor probes: CPU Load, Memory Usage, Disk Free 



Dynamicweb support check status code 200 (Website OK) On all websites installed in our cloud with a live license, since it’s very difficult to know your domains, we check the URL you get provided from Dynamicweb support when you purchased the license. It is very important that you don’t remove this URL or rename your IIS site to something else to keep this service running. 


You get a website from Dynamicweb called with the same hostheader name added. Then you rename the website to “Websitelive” then the URL isn’t valid, and our check will fail. 

So please just keep the IIS name as when you received it from Dynamicweb Support – then everything will be kept in our surveillance check. Thanks in advance. 😊