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Live Integration - Search orders/invoices on costumer page

David Miguel Luis dos Santos

Hi all,

We have a client that's interested in having a search on the costumer orders/invoices list.

Is it expected to have that feature on DW 10?

It's configured to use Live Integration in Bussiness Center.


Thank you :)


Jeppe Eriksson Agger Dynamicweb Employee
Jeppe Eriksson Agger

Hi David,

It's not entirely clear to me whether you're talking about the Customer Center in the frontend, or in the Commerce section of the backend.

All lists in DW10 will, as a general rule, support searching to some degree. There might be a few exceptions, but generally all will support it. Currently, however, we have no plans to change the functionality of the frontend module.

- Jeppe

David Miguel Luis dos Santos

Hi Jeppe,

It's on the Customer Center in the frontend :)

Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Live integration customer center.

It supports the fields ICCSearchField and ICCSearchValue that will be send to GetList request to BC - but the BC code unit does not use these fields as it is now.

You can create an event subscriber for BC that takes care of it - see:

You need to look at the DynamicwebCustomerCenPublisher event - GetListOnBeforeAddInvoice(var salesInvoiceHeader: Record "Sales Invoice Header"; var customer: Record Customer; var outputNode: XmlNode);


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