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Methods that can be extended using notification subscribers

Unnsteinn Garðarsson
Unnsteinn Garðarsson

Not sure if this is the right place for this post but it is related to the training documentation. I noticed the below text in the documentation for the T3 test under Templates and Rendering and as far as I know only the Template Extenders are used to extend what is output to the page. Is there something that I am missing here? What methods can be extended using the notification subscribers ? 


All sections (app, paragraph, and page) have an output method which outputs the content as a string value. These methods may be extended using notification subscribers, which makes it possible to manipulate the content/output.





Imar Spaanjaars Dynamicweb Employee
Imar Spaanjaars

As one example, you could subscribe to Dynamicweb.Notifications.Standard.Page.OnOutput which gives you access to an instance of Dynamicweb.Notifications.Standard.Page.OnOutputArgs. That class exposes a PageViewTemplate that I think you can use to manipulate the output.

So technically you're not extending the output method, but you can change / extend the output (the HTML) of that method.



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