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Item paragraph searchresult ?

Peter Klünder


Is there any way of using standard page/paragraph search to seach a page with lots of itemparagraphs that is used via itempubliser ?

If I search it finds the page correctly, because all the paragraphs is on that one page.

I would like it to show the individual pragraphs in the searchresults, which then gives the option to display that one paragraph via itempublisher, is this possible, cant seem to figure it out.

Best regard



Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

It might be possible, but it will probably be very hacky. Paragraphs are on a page, and search is constructed around finding a page.

It sounds like you should use item pages instead of item paragraphs.

Peter Klünder

Hi Nicolai

That was also my conclusion but the page only has 25 pages so sadly thats not possible, i'll see what I can do insted :)


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