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Alternative images in product catalog

John Broers

Is it possible to loop through the alternative images/links in a product catalog paragraph? I'm using a product catalog paragraph to create an XML product feed, i do see the small, medium and large images but i don't see a template tag or loop to display the alternative images/links. With alternative images i mean the images that i filled in at the Details - Images/Links block.


Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi John,

You can use the GetLoop("Details") for accessing those details. Keep in mind that it will list everything you add in details. Images, files, and links. You will have to check the extension.


John Broers

Hi Adrian, 

That's the loop I am searching for, but somehow it's not showing up in the TemplateTags when i loop through the products.

We're using the index for the overview and it seems like the these fields aren't indexed at all.


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