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Accept selected cookies in Swift

Johan Lang
Johan Lang
I need to know the command to the DW plattform to accept selected cookies in Swift because our customer uses another service for cookie management.
I have set up Swift default solution and use the template Cookies.cshtml.
The javascript functions run the following commands when pressing the button.
Accept All: CookieOptInLevelConfig.aspx?cmd=SetCookieOptInLevel&OptInLevel=2
Decline all: CookieOptInLevelConfig.aspx?cmd=SetCookieOptInLevel&OptInLevel=0
This is correct but for pressing the Accept selected button and just category Functional or Marketing or Statistical is marked, use: OptInLevel=0&OptInCategory=on&OptInCategory=on
and if two category is marked, for example Functional and Marketing, uses: OptInLevel=0&OptInCategory=on. There is nothing in the command which category or categories to be accepted. If no categories is marked and press accept selected button (see picture), use: OptInLevel=0&OptInCategory=on&OptInCategory=on&OptInCategory=on
So what is the correct command to the DW plattform for accept selected cookies?
Can I use for accept for example category Functional and  Statistical: OptInLevel=0&OptInCategory=on&OptInCategory=off&OptInCategory=on
and for example just accpect category Functional: OptInLevel=0&OptInCategory=on&OptInCategory=offOptInCategory=off?



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