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Wrong value in templatetag Ecom:Product:Field.Segment.Label. Dw 9.12.9 - Rapido 3.4.2

Tobias Nordvig


I am running a DW version 9.12.9 and Rapido version 3.4.2. 
When trying to access the template tag Ecom:Product:Field.Segment.Label I receive the Value of the field and not the name.

However when I add TemplateTags() to the code I receive the correct name from the otherwise same code. 

I have tried accessing the field through other means but receive the same outcome. It seems like a bug but maybe there is a workaround of some sort?
I hope someone has a fix for this :)

Kind regards 
Tobias Nordvig 


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Tobias

I think I can find my way through code where this can happen. Try adding one of these lines to your code:

  • var loop = product.GetLoop("Segment.Options")
  • var loop = product.GetLoop("Product.CustomField.Options")

The loop name you need might be different - you should be able to locate the correct string when using TemplateTags("Options") to the template (will list all tags and loop with the name options in them)

Both of these creates a varialbe with a loop item - you do not need it, but it should trigger your label tag to be filled correctly.

This is a workaround.

Instead of doing a split on "Field.Segment.Label", you could loop the options instead.

BR Nicolai

Tobias Nordvig

Hi Nicolai

Thanks a lot. Storing the loop in a variable does the trick and fills the field with the correct value. 

Kind regards


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