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Total not cleared when CartCmd DelOrderLine removes last product

Torben Grove

Hi all

We are experiencing a weird issue when removing products from a cart manually using the DelOrderLine CartCmd.

When removing the last remaining item in the cart the total price before deletion is still present in the view and the returned feed.

We are running Rapido version 3.4.2 and a DW Version 9.14.4

Cart command:


Feed response:

        "numberofproducts": 0,
        "subtotalprice": "0,00 DKK",
        "subtotalpricewithouttaxes": "0,00 DKK",
        "paymentmethod": "Invoice",
        "paymentfee": "Free",
        "hidePaymentfee": true,
        "shippingmethod": "Shipping",
        "shippingfee": "Free",
        "hideShippingfee": true,
        "hideSubTotal": false,
        "hideComment": false,
        "showCheckoutDisclaimer": false,
        "checkoutDisclaimer": "* Sales Tax and Shipping calculated at Checkout",
        "totalprice": "618,00 DKK",
        "earnings": 0,
        "totalvat": "154,50 DKK",
        "totaltaxes": "-",
        "hasTaxSettings": false,
        "isEmpty": true,
        "vouchercode": "",
        "giftcardcode": "",
        "comment": "",
        "userPoints": 0,
        "pointsUsedInCart": 0,
        "termsAccepted": "",
        "disabledNextStep": "disabled",
        "totalPriceWithVat": "772,50 DKK",
        "totalPriceWithoutVat": "618,00 DKK",
        "vatPercent": "0%",
        "OrderLines": []




Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Torben

Some bug, thats for sure. Question is if it is Rapido or the cart.

Try remove the setting "Do not delete carts with 0 orderlines"

Torben Grove

Hi Nicolai

That is a possible solution, i will reach out to the customer to confirm that this is the behaviour they want.

Thank you so much


Preview of empty cart:



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