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Recurring Orders - DIBS EASY

Mads Knudsen


From the documentation ( I can see Recurring Orders is supported by the following checkout handlers; 

Note: Recurring orders are implemented with the following checkout handlers:

  • Stripe
  • ChargeLogic
  • Quickpay Payment Window
  • DIBS FlexWin

However I know that DIBS Flexwin will be replaced by DIBS EASY very soon - So my question is: Does Recuring Orders works with DIBS EASY checkout handler?


Br, Mads


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Mads

No, currently not.

For a payment provider to support recurring orders, it has to implement ISavedCard and IRecurring interfaces (Sorry for the nerdy detail).

Currently it is not in our roadmap to implement that. You can get the source code (for both dibs implementations) if you want to add that feature.

BR Nicolai


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