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Rapido visual editor, universal design, SEO and more

Siv-Renate Hansen
Siv-Renate Hansen

I've tested the new visual editor in Rapido and I would like to propose a few changes.

1) I would like a heading item type. I see that many item types have headings, but they are h2, which is not what I want. I want the full range of headings, and most certainly a way of creating a h1 on every page (this is good universal design and good for SEO).

2) I would like a way to choose between cover and contain for images. Now all images have cover and height 100%, which crops them. I would like to choose to crop or not and to choose between contain and cover

3) I appreciate the upgrade of the text editor, but I would like to have the option to create headings here, without having to code. For our business the idea is that our customer create the content them self, and most of them are not skilled coders. I cannot ask them to dive into source code for a simple thing as a h2, h3 or such.

4) All of the visual configurations are displayed as images. I would really like an alt-attribute or a title element on these images so that I don't have to guess what they do. Hover over the image, reads "crops from center" or similar and it is easier for me to choose which one I want. The same applies to the content types in the new visual editor

5) In the previous version of rapido, you introduced the option of putting css classes on elements (in a quirky way, but better than nothing). Now this option is gone and I really miss it. My proposal is to create two text fields, one for id and one for classes, and put them in the outer html of the element where it belongs. Then I can make the h1 of a card container larger on the front page than on my regular pages

6) I would like an easy way to set alternative text on images.


And then some questions:

How do I create margins beteween rows of type card paragraph? I've set Spacing size on row to extra large, and Spacing position on row to both top and bottom, but I have no spacing (or margins) around my paragraph.

Is the old way of editing obsolete now (aka cannot be used)? If not, how do I create rows? I tried to create content, but it places itself outside template.

How do I turn off content? (for example, a row I want to show later, but now I want to hide it)

 How do I change the font size of the class article__paragraph? In default Rapido it is set to 20 px, while everything else has base size of 15px.

I assume more will come when I've tested the editor further.

Best wishes.



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