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Thomas Jensen


We have a solution that don't like to be upgraded beyond 9.7.x

We are trying to install Warehouse,
so we need to install Rapido
and that can only be a version 3.2.x or older

but on
there are only upgrade versions availeble for the older Rapido like 3.2.1
and only version 3.3.1 and 3.4 are availeble in a full (All) download

So can we get a Rapido Archive with older full versions?


/ Thomas


Thomas Jensen


The solution that was stuck on 9.7, got successfully upgraded

But I still think that a Rapido Archive would be a good thing, to go along with Dynamicweb Archive

/ Thomas

Merethe Vrå Andersen Dynamicweb Employee
Merethe Vrå Andersen


The older Rapido-versions are hidden because we don't support them anymore and don't make hotfixes for them.

But if you want to work with the unsupported files, you can download 3.2.1 here:

Kind regards,


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