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Ivan Marijanović
Ivan Marijanović

I am just unable to grasp how to setup quote - order flow.

We need for customer to create quote request. after the employee update quote he will have to be able to accept or decline quote and based on that the quote status should be changed to declined or it should be converted to order.

Now I setup cart to checkout to quote but when the user accepts the quote it was just converted back to cart and if customer click on purchase it will go back to order again.

I know I am missing step and I cant figure it out from documentation.




Carsten Boll Dynamicweb Employee
Carsten Boll
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Hi Ivan,

I am not sure I follow...
As I understand it:

  • Your customers can create quotes 
  • The employee can see the quote and edit it and set the quote state to something new
  • The customer can see the changed state in frontend and accept or decline the quote
    • If the quote is accepted it is converted to a cart and can be checked out
    • If the quote is declined the state is changed and to declined and nothing more happens

Is this not what you want? Where does it go wrong?

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