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Open Graph meta tags

Didzis Kuzmans

When you test Rapido website with facebook Sharing Debugger, there is a warning:


  • Tag specified as 'name' instead of 'property'
    The following meta tags are specified using 'name' instead of 'property' and will be ignored unless specified using the 'property' key: og:image, og:type, og:title, og:site_name, og:description, og:url

Rapido is adding these meta tags with function:   Pageview.Meta.AddTag("og:type", "Website");

So, instead of <meta property="og:type"> we have <meta name="og:type">


According to all information I could find, we need to use property instead of name for og: tags.


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Didzis 

Thank you for the report. Will take a look at this one for a later release. For now feel free to alter the template to meet your needs.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

BR Nicolai


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