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Liveprices discount in Rapido Feeds

Marie Louise Veigert


We have a customer who are using Rapido on their solution.
They are using liveprices as well.

I have issues with rendering the discount in the Rapido feeds. 
If I use a good old style template with templatetags it renders just as expected :) 

But it doesn't come in the feed! 

Anyone who have success with discounts in Rapido?


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

What feed would that be? Pim feed or Google merchangt feed?

Both are fueled by a template - so it might be updating the template to use the same tags as the ones you are using in your old style template.

BR Nicolai

Marie Louise Veigert

I figured it out right after the post :)

It was in productlist feed. I was using the wrong tag :)
"Ecom:Product:Field.PriceLineDiscPerCent.Value.Clean" did the trick.


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