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Invoices list request timed out

Fabio Monte


We are running into performance issues while loading the invoices list. This happens with a customer with over 70000 ledgers and altough we set a paging of just 1 item per page, it still times out.

Shouldn't it retrieve one result even though there will be thousand of pages?  



Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Fabio

Yes, that is a problematic setup. This feature is from where we only listed data of orders made on the platform.

DW actually queries all orders for the customer and then pages in memory, so that will not work with this many items.

So - we will add a feature to used a paged SQL query as it should be.

You should then also have a look at the database indexes on this table if you will have this many records for each customer. Ensure the table has an index that supports the query used on this page.

BR Nicolai


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