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Global Elements - Content Page

Mikkel Hornbech Nielsen

Hi there.

I have an issue with the standard items belonging to the "Content page" item/pagetype, when i try to add an item like the "Standard Paragraph Three" as an global element.
I get the error attached.

It says this:
"Restriction settings for container does not allow it to contain specified item."

I found that the issues appears with all the different kind of standard items related to the Content Page item. (so pr instance a video item, image item etc.)
I even tried to allow a Paragraph Container as an item on the Content Page item, to try and add the Paragrah Container as a global element.
Still comes up with the same error.

The soloution is using Rapido version 3.4.

Hoping you guys can help me out.



Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

What version of DW?

You can remove the restrictions from the item types and see what happens.

Mikkel Hornbech Nielsen

Its DW version 9.9.1.

Okay, so remove the restrictions on the individual item in the "Allowed parents" section or?
Or should it be on the "Content page" item?

See attached:



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