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Content search retrieves empty page

Fabio Monte


When searching for content, the user goes to an empty page instead of getting a list of results like when searching for products.

Here's a screencast:

Although most of our customers didn't use the content search, we have one requiring this so we may have to develop a custom solution for them. Are there any plans to improve this or is there a set up we might be missing for this to work?


Nicolai Pedersen
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Hi Fabio

Have a look at this guide and check your setup:

There are no plans on changing the search on Rapido 3 branch.

BR Nicolai

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Fabio Monte

Had to search for that Search.cshtml template again but only found it in Rapido3.2. Our solution is using Rapido 3.3 which didn't had this template...but it works now.


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