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Checkout UX - Billing and shipping address

Kim Søjborg Pedersen

In Rapido 3.4 the user have to enter both billing and shipping address..

Please consider one of these options

UX guidelines (case A):

Let user enter a billing address.
Have a checkbox "Shipping address same as billing".

UX guidelines (case B):

Let user enter a shipping address.
Have a checkbox "Billing address same as shipping".

In case A, it seems that the primary view of the checkout workflow is to generate an invoice, whereas in case B the checkout process is seen as a step in the workflow to finally ship the actually product being ordered to the customer.

An example for case A is WooCommerce, an example for case B is Shopify. Amazon also seems to prefer case B.

Best regards


Ambert van Unen

This would be a great default feature.

Siv Hansen
Siv Hansen


Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu


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