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Th. Møller Jensen
Th. Møller Jensen

What is the best way to include a chatbot in a Rapido shop, so it pops up in a modal box in the lower right corner?

I know it can be added to a page with an Overlay paragraph and insert my botcode,
"<iframe src="" width="300" height="700"></iframe>"
in source of the text field, but I want it on all pages, including product lists/detail/basket, etc.




Nicolai Pedersen
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First of all, please don't. They are so annoying and really stupid wink.

If you must destroy a website and force your visitors to close cookie banner, newsletter pop-up AND a chatbot, you can instert it in the master template:

In files, find the folder /Templates/Designs/Rapido locate the template Master.cshtml, edit it and scroll to the bottom just before the </html> tag and insert your code there.

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