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Breadcrumb url confliction

Mareeswari Govindaraj

Dear Sir,

I would like to clarify something related to the breadcrumb in DW standard. 

If one product is in more than one group, when we go to the particular product through any of the group, the primary group path is overlap in the current url so the breadcrumb is not showing correctly. But when we go through the primary group the breadcrumb is shows correctly. If Nothing is choose as primary the first path is take as primary and show the same breadcrumb issue.

Please kindly check the attached loom video.


Elena Anisimova
Elena Anisimova

Dear Community,

Could anybody help us with the above request? Any directions, advises are really welcome.

We have a bottle-neck art this point of time and are not sure how to move forward.

Thanks a lot in advance!




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