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Add new RMA request produces an error

Roald Haahr Jensen


I attempted to add a new RMA request in Rapido 3.4.1, which produced the following error 

cannot convert from 'string' to 'System.IFormatProvider'

Some debugging revealed that the error is produced by the lines

listItem.AddInfoRow(Translate("Date"), GetString("Ecom:RMA.Date").ToString(Pageview.Area.Dateformat + " HH:mm")); in Information.cshtml

Label = order.GetString("Ecom:Order.Date").ToString(Pageview.Area.Dateformat + " HH:mm") + ", #" + order.GetString("Ecom:Order.ID") + ", Price: " + order.GetString("Ecom:Order.OrderLines.Total.Price"), in RMAParameters.cshtml

It looks as if GetDate(...) is meant to be used rather than GetString(...). The files mentioned are located in \Files\Templates\Designs\Rapido\eCom\CustomerCenter\Blocks\RMADetails.

Best regards
Roald, Novicell



Olga Shedko Dynamicweb Employee
Olga Shedko

Hello Roald,

Yes, we already fixed this issue within tfs #86451, it will be available with the upcoming release. Thank you!

Best regards,

Olga |QA


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