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Add custom URL to ecommerce group

Martin Grønbekk Moen
Martin Grønbekk Moen

DW: 9.7.3
Rapido: 3.2

We are trying to add a query string parameter to a ecommerce group, in order to automatically filter a product list.
In order to do this we try to add a custom URL to the product group, but it is not working as intended.

Please look at screenshot 1 to see how we set it up.
Please look at screenshot 2 to see how it is rendered, and how we really want it to be.

Are there other ways to achieve this? We get many questions from customers that want to create product groups that are pre-filtered, so that they dont have to attach products manually.
In this example we only want to display "New" products, which is done by filtering by the custom field "New".

2019-11-04_1514.png 2019-11-04_1514_001.png



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