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Weight unit calculation

Michael Knudsen

Hello forum,

- is it possible with one of the custom field providers to show product weight in either kg or gram based on value in {ProductWeight} ?  Currently is weight from Business Central and always in kg, but showing product weight as "0.050 kg" isn't very user friendly.

Would something like this be possible?
If {ProductWeight} >= 1 then display "Weight: {ProductWeight} kg" eg. "Weight: 125 kg"
If {ProductWeight} < 1 then display "Weight: {ProductWeight} gram" eg. "Weight: 50 gram"

I have been looking into the documentation, but someone might have a hidden gem regarding building a formula that solves my issue?

Br. Michael Knudsen


Michael Knudsen

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I'm missing a response... Dynamicweb or perhaps Søren Jensen?

Søren Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Søren Jensen
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Hi Michael,

Feature request has been created (#7655), but are not prioritized yet..


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