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Problem with PIM export

Sean Meade Dynamicweb Employee
Sean Meade

Our customer reports inability to export all products from the PIM, only the 1000 products on the first page. The option to include all products in list cannot be checked. (See pimExport attachment)

We reproed the same issue in their environment. They are on DW 9.13.3.

Nuno wrote:

I don't know. I would report that in the Forum
The documentation suggests it's possible but that we shouldn't do this 
But maybe the documentation is outdated and they decided to disable (instead of hide) this option to safe users from themselves.
Do you have any idea what's going on here?
Thanks, Sean


Shiwanka Chathuranga Dynamicweb Employee
Shiwanka Chathuranga

Hi Sean

I have done exprt of 80k+ items using same method.

i have used 2 Dw version 9.12.7 and 9.13.12 and worked on both.

Seems some exceptional case base on your solution


Michael Knudsen
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Hello Sean,

- you can't use the option "All Products" in the "Export to Excel" dialogbox, if you export data from Warehouse - All PIM products or - All Products. You might have all the products in one of the Warehouse groups, otherwise create a shared query that includes all the products you want to export and do the export from there.

Br. Michael Knudsen

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Sean Meade Dynamicweb Employee
Sean Meade

Thanks, Shiwanka

Sean Meade Dynamicweb Employee
Sean Meade

Thanks, Michael.


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