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Possible to use a price matrix in a PIM feed?

Michael Knudsen

I'm trying to get the price (DKK 12.500) for a specific user (Debitor_3000M) in a PIM feed, but it's always returns the price entered in the product 'price' field. According to other forum posts, should this be possible in DW9.9.x, but it doesn't work in my DW9.12.3 :-| 

Has anyone succeeded getting a price from a price matrix in a PIM feed for a specific user/usergroup?

Price from Price matrix:


PIM feed:

Br. Michael Knudsen


Søren Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Søren Jensen

Hi Michael,

I have tested on my solution (DW9.12.3), and it seems the Price Matrix are working fine, also with setting of "User specific prices"

If you stille have problem, please contact dynamicweb support 



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