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Possible bug? ProductEAN field editable on Ecom not in PIM

Barend Mosch

Hi there!

I have a peculiar situation where we have a PIM environment using product families where each variant requires an unique EAN code. So the ProductEAN field is configured to be variant editable only.

Now in the PIM this works correctly, no EAN visible on masterproducts in the PIM:

But in the Ecom EAN is clearly editable on masterproducts:

In our situation the client makes product families manually by selecting x amount of products and combines them as a family. Combining products requires you to select a master and then creates a group containing a masterproduct and 3 variants. The masterproduct still contains the EAN code of the selected variant. But the EAN is not editable in the PIM since its variant-only. Now the productgroup contains dubbel EAN code (master and variant), In the database it looks like follows:

This creates some problems with other running connections, since the masterproducts shouldnt contain an EAN. 

Apologies for the amount of text,
Is there a recommended solutions for this?

Kind regards,
Barend Mosch, Bluedesk


Michael Knudsen

Hello Barend,

- while you have the product open in PIM, try click on the "Visible fields" in the Ribbon bar and select the EAN from the available fields -or- if you have a Field Display Group with the EAN, select the Field Display Group from the "Visible fields arrow". 

Br. Michael Knudsen

Barend Mosch

Goodmorning Michael,

Thanks for the quick response.

EAN is included in the visible fields, to illustrate it, I made a field display group containing only the name and EAN

Top level is master products, bottom are the variants. This corresponds to the EAN field configuration where its declared as editable on variant level.

However in the Ecom, EAN is still editable on the masterproduct.


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