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PIM: Feature request (JK): User defined query to be set active at all times

Lars Bruun
Lars Bruun

When users are working with products in PIM, the have the feature of creating queries for list views.

However they have to re-active that filer and/or make a lot of variants of the same query when working with at lot of different products at the same time.

It would be nice, if I could define a query to select and keep active on all views in the PIM system.

Sample user story:

As one of several productmanagers, i have the responsibllity of several thousands products that is aprox. 10% of the products for me handle in our PIM.

For specific tasks, I my create and use queries and that gives me a list of products to work with - and that works fine.
As an example, one of the parameters in that query, is often my user initials as they are present on the product.
Another common value is usually a named brand on which I'm doing some specific work for a longer period of time/days/weeks.

However, when i return to the product hierachy, that query is no longer active and i can again see all products - also the ones with other initials and other brands, which is of no interest to me in the working situation I'm in right now.
I now have to reselect that query, get my list and work from there again.

I do have a search field in the warehose product lists, when working within the standard productlists and within the categories. However i would be very much more productive, if i could select and activate the above mentioned query, and have that to be active on the standard lists and views in the DW PIM system.
This query is to stay active until i select anoter query or deactivate filtering at all





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