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Naming a master product

Davy Capiau


When combining products you assign a masterproduct. This product will be the frontend 'lead'. This means the name of this variant(master) will be shown frontend.

My customer uses the variant attribute value in its name, e.g 'Sanding paper - XL'. We don't want to show the "- XL"  when loading the product page because it's the variants value. At that moment no selection has been done by the user.

What is the best practice here? When combining the products remove the value so the name is 'clean'? 


Søren Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Søren Jensen
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Hi Davy,

When using "Combine" from Listview, there do not exists a "Product MASTER", where variants should be related to ..

Therefor you have to chose which Variant there should be used as data-source for the "Product MASTER" ..

So also the name are taken from that Variant, therefor user need to change the name on "Product MASTER" afterwere .. and the name can't be empty 



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