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Meta field inheritance

Gunnar Örn Baldursson


we have a client (App version: 9.12.10) that wants to use PIM to set common meta information across multiple products. I looked into if I could use bulk edit but I didn't find a way to edit multiple products but instead I was able to set the meta for each individual product variant.

Ideally, they'd want to just set the meta information for a group and have that inherited down to all products of that group similar to how it works when you'd do product enrichment with category fields. Is something like that currently possible without having to write custom code?

Regards, Gunnar

Edit: My issue's been resolved. I had a meeting with Brian Boyles and he showed me a way to accomplish what we needed with bulk-edit. I had gotten confused trying to use multi-edit or product category fields instead of bulk editing products and variants.


Nicolai Pedersen

That is currently not possible. Also it is not recommended since having the same title on all products will probably harm your SEO. Default title of a product if not specified is the name of the product - much better than a generic title from the group.

BR Nicolai


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