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Angelo Aviles



I am receiving the following error when importing into PIM.

Can someone please elaborate as to what this error means how I can adjust my file to get it to import.


Job Failed with the following message: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Double' to type 'System.String'. The failed input row is: [Project #:"21035"], [Portfolio Leader:"Maggie Karl"], [Portfolio Code:"WC"], [Product Manager:"Doug Young"], [Inventory Posting Group:"Dukal"], [General_Product_Posting_Group:"Finished"], [Product Name (Web Name):"Premium Split Sponge"], [Size:"4in x 6in (10.16x15.24cm)"], [Item Category Code:"2"], [Item Category Name:"Non-Woven Dressing"], [Product Group Code:"207"], [Product Group Name:"T-Drain Sponge"], [Sterilization_Method:"ETO"], [Packaging_Put-Up:"1/PK;10PK/BX;12BX/CS"], [Item Level_Packaging _Level 1 Qty:"1"], [Item Level_Packaging _Level 1 UOM:"Pack"], [Total Case Quantity:"120"], [Item Pack Dimensions_(w) (inches):"5.91"], [Item Pack Dimensions_(h) (inches):"5.24"], [Item Pack Weight_(lbs):"0.0288"]




Michael Knudsen

Hello Angelo,

- do you have other similar records that successfully imports into PIM?  Or does it fail on all records?

Br. Michael Knudsen


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