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How to share import/export presets?

Michael Knudsen

Hello forum,

- in the current DW version 9.10.10 is it possible to save 'presets' of the import/export settings, which is very handy function. But once a user have created a preset, it's only available for that user. Is there a way to share these presets among users?

Currently they are stored as files: Files > Integration > Job > {AccessUserId} and can be copied among other users, but it requires the {AccessUserId} and a manual process to share presets this way.


Br. Michael Knudsen


Dynamicweb Employee
Brian Zawistowski
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Hi Michael,

I think that Export and bulk-edit presets are stored in the database and can be deleted or assigned to additional users or groups in the control panel.  See the docs here: .  I believe that you are correct about the import presets, however.


Brian Zawistowski

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