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Extend this variant button

Niklas Hjort

Hi DW Forum

After editing existing variant and master products in PIM the view/interface changes.

(Look below) i have two variants and one master product. On this specific product i do not see the selected-fields on the variant but a button "extend this variant". However i can view the fields if i click on the button?

Can i disable this feature somehow and hereby render the selected fields by default?

Also i found that if i write a description in (variant specific field) the button disappears and it displays the selected fields.


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Niklas

When you have a master product with variants, each variant can exist in 2 ways - "simple" variants or "extended" variants.

Extended variants have their own record in the database in EcomProducts - simple variants do not have a record, and hence have not data that is different from the master.

So when you click that button and fill out the fields, what happens is that the extra record is created with the information you - changing a variant from simple to extended.

So if you ensure all your products are extended (i.e. through integration or if created in the backend) that button will go away.

See more here:


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