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Michael Knudsen

Hello forum,

- I would like to build a list of values using the ConcatProvider and everything works fine as long all fields have a value, but when only some of the fields have a value it returns a uncompleted list with empty bullets.

Have anyone some tips or tricks to share?


If only Field1 + Field3 + Field5 have values, the result would look like this:

  • Field1Value
  • Field3Value
  • Field5Value

Br. Michael Knudsen


Søren Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Søren Jensen
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Hi Michael,

You need to use square brackets [xx] around your field syntax, then they will disappear if the field are empty..


Product name:  [<b>{ProductName}</b>]<BR />
Product number:  [<b>{ProductNumber}</b>]<BR />


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