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Detach all images from all variants

Hans Ravnsfjall
Hans Ravnsfjall


we have an issue, where the product variants have a lot more images than the masterproduct. My guess is, that this is caused by the image auto assign import that we have used initially. And then the editor has deleted images from the master product, but these have not been deleted on the variants.

Anyhow, we want to clean up before we move on to adding variant images. Basically, we want to remove/detach all images from variants - so that the variants only show and inherit images from the masterproduct (maybe the productcontainer is the correct name?).

To do this manually, will be way to time consuming.

Is there a way to detach all images from all variants, so that they only inherit the images from the master variant?  Maybe via bulk edit, or via some SQL query?

hope this is possible.




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