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DefaultPoints = ProductPoints?

Adrian Ursu Dynamicweb Employee
Adrian Ursu

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a flow for admin users to update ProductPoints.

I have tried exporting the data from PIm but I can only see "DefaultPoints" as an option (in older DW versions even this option is not available). Is this the same thing as ProductPoints?

It seems a bit misleading to have one description in the ECOM interface (Loyalty points) vs PIM interface (Default points).

Thank you,


Søren Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Søren Jensen

Hi Adrian,

I can see your point, that it is misleading there two different labels

I will make a task, for change it to use same label (Loyalty point)

I can't at the moment give you a time, when that can be implemented in DW9.16.x




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