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Completeness Rule logic

Kristoffer Krusborg Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Kristoffer Krusborg Jensen


When working with completeness rules in addition to reference fields, it would be great if the completeness rules dynamically could tell if a field is related to the product it is checking on. Example of our current situation: I have 4 reference groups of fields that share some attributes and some are not shared. However, all the attributes are technical. I created a Completeness rule called "Technical" and include all the fields from the 4 groups of technical reference fields. Now the completeness will check for ALL the fields even though a product in group 1, should only be checked for fields that are acutally related to group 1. In consequence I have to created a many to many relationship between categories and Completeness. This is near impossible, if you have 100-500 categories.


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Søren Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Søren Jensen


I have created a Feature request, so we will take a look and validate if this should be implemented in a coming release  .. (not been prioritized yet)



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