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Case sensitivity of Lucene Indexing?

Stephen Jackson

I noticed a typo in some of our backend data, big I instead of little. So I updated all fields using firehose query. But lucene fails to see the change when re-indexing. I guess its case insentive. Is it possible to force case sensitivity for the presented data? Obviously one wants case insentivity for the actual search index. Or do I have to change the letter to something else completely, re-index, then change it to the one I want?. 


Nicolai Pedersen Dynamicweb Employee
Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Stephen

Can you describe or show the issue a little more? Which field did you update of which type of data? Did you reset the caches in developer section in settings? Could be that the re-index used cache data instead of those from the database.

You can always delete the index - it is just files in the file system. Then a new index is guarenteed.


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