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Assets Auto check in, pattern automatically add file extensions?

Michael Knudsen

Hello forum

I'm getting the filename incl. fileextension (eg. Datasheet_for_0245.pdf) into a Product field called FileName, but when I use it in the Auto Checkin pattern it wouldn't attach the PDF to the product. I suspect the Auto checkin to 'add' the selected File Extensions (in this case .pdf), but is there anyway to avoid that?

PS. if I add file Datasheet_for_0245.pdf.pdf the auto checkin is working.

Br. Michael Knudsen


Kristoffer Krusborg Jensen Dynamicweb Employee
Kristoffer Krusborg Jensen

Hi Michael, 

Is there a specific reason you need to include the file extension in the field enrichment? 

Typically we don't use custom fields specifically made for the auto checkin, which means that the logic is built to add the file extension as we use already available data on the products in the relevant asset naming convention. Thus, the data does not include a file extension and is therefore added by the auto checkin logic. It seems to me there is no clear way to avoid the scenario you are in, other than to remove the file extension from the enrichment of the field. 


Best regards


Michael Knudsen

Hello Kristoffer,

- we get the content of the FileName field from a external source, so the field enrichment is done by the integration.  To ease the integration, we aim not to modify the content of the FileName field.

Couldn't the logic just check, if the content of the {FileName} field already contains one of the File Extensions selected in the Asset category? 

Br. Michael Knudsen


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