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Website slow for the first visitor of the day

Gaëtan Di Caro


We have a recurrent problem on our solutions (installed on IIS servers) : the first person of the day to visit the website has a very slow experience. All visits after that are fine. It looks like there's something about caching but I can't put my finger on it exactly. Is there a specific IIS setting I have to be aware of ? I tried to not recycle the application but it didn't seem to do much.



Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Gaƫtan

If the website or application pool is recycled automatically during the night, this will happen as the application has to start up and cache stuff. That has to be done.

But if you configure your app pool correct (On IIS8+ on Win 2012+), you can set the start mode to "Always running" - se dump. If you do that, the IIS will, when it restarts, server boots, application is recycled etc. automatically start up Dynamicweb. We have an IIS add-in in Dynamicweb (PreloadClient) that handles that:

If you have a solution hosted by DW or Hostnordic, contact the service desk to get this setup.

BR Nicolai

Gaëtan Di Caro

Nice, thanks for the tip


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