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Security warning appear in backend

Dynamicweb Employee
Nang Shwe Yea Oo

Dear all, 

I am facing a warning in the backend (Administrator login page). I have done the security update follow by your instruction on one of our websites. And also I have checked by adding ?x-check=1 in the URL and its response contains a x-jan-22. But it is showing an alert message to me on the login page. The website is running with a trial license. May I know the solution has been patched or not due to this message even it responds x-jan-22. Thank you. 

With regards,

Shwe Yea. 

Alert_message.PNG Response.png


Nicolai Pedersen

As the message states, trials does not support the standalone fix. You HAVE to ugprade to a version that has been fixed- alternatively run a real license.

BR Nicolai


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