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We have a customer who is launching a complete new website. The customer would like to use Azure for hosting. They also need local CDN presence in China and properly also US. They ofcourse also need a pre-production site for development.

Can you advise which components we need to purchase on the Azure pricelist? We don't want to use hosted servers, but only hosted web site + SQL + CDN and not a full virtual machine.



Kent Erichsen


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Kent

Yes, you can find that in the Azure installation guide:

You need a WebApp and a SQL server instance. Which pricing plan you need depends on the configuration of the site, traffic etc. Starting with a S2 plan for the webapp is a good starting point.

SQL - choose a size that fits the database size.

I have no experience using the new Azure CDN - I usually use AWS because the former Azure CDN was not very good. The new one seems to be very simple to use though and work more or less like the AWS version. See more about the Azure CDN here:

I hope this answers your question - please let me know if you need further information.

BR Nicolai

Klaus Jensen

Hi Nicolai,
The guide is for DW9 and the Site is DW8. Can we assume a similar deployment process on Azure for DW8?


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Klaus

There is no difference - same procedure. If you are moving an existing Dynamicweb website from an older version of SQL-server or a Dynamicweb database based on an earlier version of our database, you can encounter some incompatibility when moving the database to Azure.

Just let us know if you run into challenges, and we will figure it out!

BR Nicolai

Harald Brouwers

[Update - Solution]

I found the source of the problem, the conversion tool on codeplex makes some changes to the database, those are different than using the:
"Deploy database to SQL Azure" option in "SQL-Server Management Studio". After using this option to redeploy the database, the eCom did show up again.


Hi there!

For one of our customers I uploaded a DynamicWeb solution to Azure. The files I deployed with the BitBucket (git) deployment integration in Azure. And the database I converted and uploaded using this tool on Codeplex:

Most of it is working fine, but I have one problem. That is that In the management center my ecom settings arent showing up. I still have all my products in the frontend, and in the counter on top of the ribbon they are showing, but no Catalog or Order links. Can you give me some information to fix this?

(I had a support case for this ref:CRM:0029030, but was directed to the forum with my question)

Thank you in advance,

Harald Brouwers


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