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Azure hosting each session slow

Jan Sangill

I have ported a DW8 to DW9 on azure.

The site is fast enough when my first session is created and I am browsing around.

However, if I open a new browser and goto the site, it takes a while again.
Normally it is only the very first time a user enters, it needs to boot up.

Is there some settings that cause this, that on each new connection its slow at start? Or any other ideas why this can be?



Nicolai Pedersen

Have never heard about that.

You could have configured Azure to have more instances and maybe you hit 2 different servers. Could happen.

I would run a ?debug=true on your 2 first replications to see what is causing the slow load. You will have no doubt if it is a DW bootup during the debug=true. And no matter what, the debug will provide you with information on what is slow.

BR Nicolai

Jan Sangill

Hi Nikolai,

Debug revealed it was the statistic module that on first visitor view, took 40 seconds, for two calls.

Disabling this, and it was very fast again.

Perhaps the DB was nor ported correctly to azure. Took forever, and didnt end on a completely success note:(

I guess if the key and index in those tables are wrong, could cause some very slow loadtime.


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