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Azure hosting, connection timeouts

Klaus Jensen


We have deployed a DW8 site to Azure, and it seems to run fine, but we ocationally get the following application error

Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool.

We have cached all item-types, but do have a fairly high db connection usage on some pages, but not sure if it's a scaling-issue or something with the application. Do you have any insights into how we could investigate this further?


Nicolai Pedersen

Hi Klaus

I have not seen that before. The default connection string in DW8 sets the max pool to 200 and should by far be sufficient. The exception could indicate that some code is not closing the connections as it should - or that there is some configuration issue on the SQL.

Start by finding out what is going on on the databse - you should be able to use some of these tools:
Take a look at these in particular: sys.dm_exec_sessions and sys.dm_exec_connections This could give you some insights if your plan is correct or you have some code that is not doing things as expected. Take a look at this article to check your plan against your load:

BR Nicolai


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