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Use Postman for Testing Live Integration in Business Central

When making an extension for the integration, the feedback look can be quite extensive, after you deploy your changes, and oftentimes you need assistance from someone on the DynamicWeb side.

DynamicWeb offers a test app and also a test facility inside DynamicWeb, but I find Postman more convenient to use when working with OData integration, and since I can alsouse it for testing the SOAP webservice, I can have everything in one tool.

I've wrapped up a small Postman collection to share with you for testing the live integration part of DynamicWeb Plug-In Unit. It contains the most common requests for the live integration:

  • Price look-up
  • Cart calculation
  • Order submitting
  • Customer center

It's preset with OAuth2 service-to-service authentication, and all you need to do is:

On the Authirization tab, enter you azure application id, client secret value, and access token URL ([Azure directory ID here]/oauth2/v2.0/token:

After that, click Get New Access Token, and if your details are correct, you see this:

Click Proceed, and finally click Use Token:






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