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Run Scheduled Tasks on a Higher Frequency

I had a request for running scheduled tasks at 1 minute intervals or lower, which I set out to test, and I'd like to share the result with you.

In Dynamicweb you can set the intervals to a minimum of 5 minutes:

I guess that this is because, the lowest interval you can choose in a windows scheduled task is also 5 minutes:

However, the Windows Scheduled Task accepts input, so you can type in "1 minute":

And this will be accepted:

Dynamicweb still only allows to select 5 minutes interval as the minimum, but in the database you can type in an integer, and the Task Scheduler will use that for calculating when it is time to run the task.

The lowest value accepted by both Windows and Dynamicweb is 1 minute, so if you need to run a task more frequently than that, you will have to implement something outside the standard setup.



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